Just give a Jit Luh Love (prod. ...

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Babygirl I'm not tryna argue wit u I just want ya Love Now
You was on the phone wit all dat Sex talk baby let's Fuck Now
I kno dat yeen no Thotiana but I wanna see u Bust Down
Ain't no give u no Back shots lemme grease u from the Front Now
Do u really wanna fw Nigga or u just need me for Entertainment
Yeen gon catch the same vibes from another Nigga so there ain't no Replacement
You say you gon ride for a Nigga but actions speak louder than a Statement
Girl lemme put my raw dog inside you I ain't waiting til Engagement
You sayin' all Niggas do is cheat but I ain't no Light Skin
I been knew u a Supa Freak so ain't no need to Hide It
Let a Nigga heal yo pain just wipe all these tears and stop all the Cryin'
Don't fall for these other Niggas dat be tryna hit they really be Lyin'
If u let another yo Bub just kno a Nigga not Fightin'
Baby I'm just tryna Change yo Life
I ain't kome into yo life to Waist yo Time
Lemme show u different I ain't like these other Guys
Keep it real wit a Nigga don't u tell me Lies
When nobody here I'm a be there to Hold Ya
I won't use u I'm a treat like a Real Nigga Supposed Ta
If u need to release yo tears kome and cry on my Shoulder
I'm a make sure u feelin' love I ain't finna put u through no Torture

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