Loverboy Freestyle (prod. CGONTH...

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You sayin all Guys are the same but I'm not yo Ex
When I slide to yo life just know you bout to be Blessed
If you down for a Nigga let's put it to the Test
Fuck all the Money my vibes are enough to make u Obsessed
I kno dat yeen perfect No YK Osiris just show me u Worth It
Cuffin' don't give u my Trust u gotta Earn It
You gotta show me You really Deserve It
I kno u been through Hell just lemme Reverse It
No I'm not gon do u wrong to make u feel Worthless
It's all about u fuck all of them Hoes dat be tryna to Flirt
I'm not finna just grease and kick u to the Curb
Show me u want me fr kuz actions talk louder than Words

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