Emcees (UiTi Diss)

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This Hobo Thinks Hes a Bitch
You can’t walk to someone and act like a snitch
He called me fantastic, I called him a fat ass
That Bitch can’t make 100 Bucks
Stay gold, stray old, maturing means that your life sucks
Does he got some Wine
Haha, I'm on the grind, this nigga should know the time
This is my Diss,
Your so scared in the theater
You make yourself piss.
Got This Shit
Cause I can't seem to hear myself
What the bloodclot, Emcees Go fuck thereself
I’m like “The only Emcee is Bitchboy UiTi”
Nigga, Now you Fucked up
This bitch is like “Dickass, You a Snitch”
Nah, Emcee UiTi
Hear me now
Nah, Emcee UiTi
This ass is Roasted, Dissed his Shit

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