HI....I guess

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hi i guess
I'm ingesting
most of my rhymes are depressing
I strive to not be me but there is this thing
its keeping me from resting
who am I where did I come from
I'm not gonna go platinum
that idea is unrealistic and no fun
saying this rap is good is dumb
mostly because I'm using the same type of rhyme
wait there is more than one....fuck
uhhhh I'm eating chicken lo-main
I don't need bitches
and fuck fame
snitches stay snitches
they just don't seem to change
I got ADHD
my attention and flow changes
along with the beat
that's why.....bird
this is the person I am
If you cant see that
then sorry sam I am
get the fuck out and choke on your damn green eggs and ham
bye.....I guess

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