How To Match

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How to match, when I eliminate with slight touch.
Made of scratch, I intimidate a badge.
Scratch, me before I dash,
slash my flash, catch me like a rash.
Rhymes clash, got chya' wiped off the trash.
Crash into a posh villa, smash glass,
onto my potato mash n proclaim yourself as a killa'.
Bigger is my damn, game figure,
don't trigger my trigger, it'll be a shame,
to dodge when I am a lyrical digger.
Stick my straw into the liquor,
consider me as thick layer of words that flicker.
Sicker than my crazy, ass picture.
Picture me to trespass your boundary with chya'
own pass, proudly feeling like nothing's around me!
Call me a creature, that smokes the grass found in, a tiny
feature of the desk of my english teacher.
Put some spinach, as dressing before i eat chya'.
Fuck stressing, u get a glitch while pressing each,
of the buttons, can't reach for my balls.
Messing with the missing pieces of my puzzle, who knows
what might occur, I prefer to have many MC's in my circle.
Bro's that juggle the bubble n ensure, to stay humble.
Dumb though, if u still mumble,
its just a stage through every kid's been through.
Double cross n do a back-flips on your chords,
call the Lords, I got all the swords,
plots of lyrics transformed to the most.
Undesirable, worst diss in the Universe ever formed!

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