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rain fills the clouds my heart falls apart
still wondering why this bitch broke my heart
Stars raise above the clouds
im still looking around
waiting for my heart to be found
voices in my head fuck they are so loud
hoping one day i make it in rap and have my tour sold out
im still dreaming that one day i can achieve that clout
the skies filled with rain as my heart cries out
idont fuck with u niggas u guys just clowns
when im done with u im going to be the king with that crown
your gang be sad i turn that smile into a frown
im gonna be the greatest alive
in that clout ima dive
in the hall of fame ima thrive
clouds be dripping on mind
You're my river runnin' high, run deep, run wild
No fear gun shots clouds be raining in November
This shit can't be remembered Naruto running over
The clouds rain keeps falling down I know about
To knock you out I’m the rapper with clout that everyone raps
about ho ho ho mery Christmas habbi I fell like my Jennie
Riding that clout like magic carpet. my heart anitt no traget
Jump on that clout shoot the fire like a dragon black or white
You destroyed my life kai me hah mah I am throwing that
Dragon ball motherfucker I am unstoppable
Got to the end of the tunnel but I am still on that cloud looking for love

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