Taken for granted

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Yo JJ stop actin like a fucking reggae sage
I'm no mage but I don't need a crystal ball to see
You are bout to flee like shit
Bro you might as well leave like shit
Stop actin like a bitch and sit like bro
CF Jay you say more like cf changs like you got no bangs
no hairline just a bare mind don't care don't mind
But you're gonna be put where the sun don't shine
don't make me repeat that you better take a seat
Like I better not see you on your feet (whoa)
Look at that history thats neat (whoa)
Throw away the things you need to keep so cheap
I'm hitting this bitch like a track meet (uh)
Hitting this bitch like a track meet (uh)
Hey like mama raised a soldier
But I didn't know he would be a bitch ass boulder
Might as well take that cold shoulder
Bro you know her?
Aw thats nice you're making friends
Ima build a little speed
Rap immortality is what i seek
Guapanese is what i speak dawg (woah)
Look change the beat up
Yo aye aye aye,
Brining in the heat
Don't make me repeat like better be in that seat (woah)
Like should I change or keep (don't know)
Look at this niggas feet (ow)
look at this bitch ass beat (ya)
everyone knows you got no flow
They just got your back like if a nigga hacking
They gonna take him to the sack and aye aye aye
I been taken for granted
Look that bitch ass is sanded
Bro his ass just got handed
Cut off his head cut off his head
take him for ransom
they scaled em'
they said he's as big as a whale and
you failed em'
Captain it's time for you to sail him

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