I am a G

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I was peak since [genesis]/
made this for me, I dont care who it [benefits]/
i disguise my beliefs with Christian [flicks] [amens] and a holy [bitch]/
I take her [innocence]/
Havent broke none of my commands
still living my life [sinless]/
Let All witnesses [witness it]/
A god with no law to [restrict him with]/
I offend all [religions]/
My story is like the grinch and [christmas]/
stole everything precious to yuh, I became [gifted]/
But I'm not gon fix my errors and yall not [forgiving it]/
yall ask a [devil wish]/
To keep me from [settlin]/
Sorry for my [meddlin]/
I'm in this room like a [elephant]/
these people yall see as kings/queens big STARS
These Hip hop AVATARS still cant bind my [element]/
I spit alot of bars that make these niggas [irrelevant]/
I do this shit on daily basis I'm just [checkin in]/
I build a [settlement] of a empire so EMPOWERIN
Feast yours eyes on what I been DEVOURIN
trying to change the world its people and [climate] so we [climb again]
I just want to put [life in this]/
The way [Isis did]/
I'm Talking bout The goddess, not the terror that [ISIS give]/
I can give yall somethin that's hot and easy to [manage]/
make it burn without [damage]
A wild flame that's control like we [campin]
make yall feel the vibe of a [champion]
give yall everything yall been [desire in]
yall just gotta let me put the [fire in]
Let me break the ice between us, but nah rather hose me down with [nitrogen]
I seen this all before like a shaun mind on some [physic shit]/
There always a Nigga tryin to prove his worth, and they just keep [denyin it]
I feel like most of my time was spent locked up in a place they kept me [silenced in]/
But I'm done [fightin it], now that I have exceeded the worth to [satisfy yall with]
I cut the knots laced to yuh, begone thot you just a [modded bitch]/
But with alll respect I dont regret steppin with yuh, I'm just better [not tying with]
I'mma god now, yo enlightenment
from the south got a north bitch as a side chick
I be so SY-FYish
I be Puttin shit together like planetary alignments/
I turn my mud into money, i choose what I'm lying in/
Fuck what they say, they just a Simon's bitch
This the best time for me to be risin in
high on some different type of shit
ADHD nigga on his vitamins
Cuz of the state my mind is in
I'm Bout to go harder than any nigga
Show you what I use to cut diamonds with
it feels so good to rhyme again/
Oh it feels so good to rhyme again
it feels so good to rhyme again
Hey baby girl wanna hear me rap,
hold up let me sign you in, hold up let me sign you in
VIP mothafuckas this it
Hey Girl Hang with me if you want more than a thrown to sit
Queens are my bitches, girl you my goddess
I feel like a rich ass nigga, when I got you as my profit
Girl Let's make a heaven by starting apocalypse
puts this world on fire, in your hotspot I be callin in/
We are Abolishin no regards to the fallen men
Her stage in the tower toppin
she know she bossin , she know she flawless bitch
She Didnt praise nobody independent since the start of it
It was only after she started fuckin with a gods dick/
She got a new belief to applause
She serves only thee Quis, The God

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