Old Yellow

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Old Yellow better go Slow, wait up for one SEC find my FLOW, CHECK MY DOH, yo despisal, JAPANEZE STYLE, tasting sweet, gone wiled CANDY ISAL. BATTLES? where's my saddle at. I'm so loud my rap is to tight I freestyle and I BAT MAIN STREAM OUT. EMENEM, to MAIN STREAM for me. IM IN THE TREES, LOGS, WEED I think I'm gonna drowned. got to SHOT TO HAVE A MOUTH, and THIS MOUT ANT GONNA STOP SHOUTING OUT, keep my rap on the down lo. take your time SLOW, yo, yo rolling up to OLD YELLOW, K LETS GO THRU SLOW, change a gear, carelessly clear to speak. Started here going I DONT CEAR, going THIS RAP STUCK TO ME LIKE GLU ON PAPPER STUCK TO A PAIR OF BLUE SHOES WITH SHOE GOO. I DONT CEAR. cellular clear to cear that this is keno? oh? DESPOSABLE PHONE, YO I need a MAICHE, not a PHONE, I need a recorder to record ME, I NEED A IC UNIT. YO I take a seat, FIX MY BEATS, I bee's SKATING OFF SHIFT AND NEAT. run this with a beat. yo this is how its gonna be, nice and LOW Glow BOWL, SLOW GAMES, Hot pick your spot spit HEAT GETTING COUGHT UP IN THIS NET, LA bronze James SHOT, SHITS PISSED, SELFISHNESS, done so much business sell coke to primo, VANS OFF THE WALL my buddy so sad in his Volkswagen BRAGGEN while Im in this old CHEVEY SADAN, FEELING LIKE I DRIVING A FUCKING WHITE VAN. stuff like this runs my mind about me, act so shy, gonna get high, gonna need help getting by, SILLY LISTENER, SINK A BALL, ISENT GONNA FUSHIZLE, BUY A FIRE BREATHING LIZARD DEVEL'S DESIARE. WELL YES LOOK AT MY BUYERS 123, DONT LOOK AT ME. No one is about to give to me, no one. NOT LIKE ANY GANGSTER GONNA BUY SOME OFF ME. Make me feel suicidal, Cause you broke waiting for it. Some one turn the wheel on my drug deals. get a seal on that record for real. COKE I GOT SOME, I GOT DESPISED SON. DONT LEAVE ME HANGIN THERE. Cause there's nothing there. im here no that ant good enough they want there choke up, on that big coat yo. CAT COUGHIN UP BALLS OF HAIR, THRE ANT NO DEALS HERE, NOW BYS THERE ANT NO DEAL SQUARE DOG. So please be easy on me, for you are not battling me but you are reading what I read out at you. Withdrawals are like sitting in a deep freeze withdrawals from crack, watch my back tripping ball sac. breath normal, normal breathing, I NEVER ENDED UP GETIN OFF THIS SHIT I DONT EVEN SPIT RAP, I BITCH SLAPD, BACK, CRACK, HAT, STREET SCRAPS, IMAGAIN THAT. Me left with nothing except for scrap, fit for down town George street, fat cat, spitting rap in a sink tap. Fuck man summers a bitch, Girls ran off. I'm left like a TWITCH, Like where is your twitter at Instagram god damn it, stay in the van. Fuck your situation, you in DRUG TEMTATION,STEALIN,EYES PEALIN, TRYIN TO RAP OUT LIKE THEIF. people squealing while I feel my last bit of DRUGS HATIN ON ME BREATING, Cotenants in play , PAYIN FEES DRUNGS IN MY HEAD I RAP ALL AROUND THEM, UP IN THIS BRANE HES INSANE RAPPIN ROUND HIS DRANES, HATTEN ON ME? IM TO HAPPY, FAMILEY NEEDS, SCRAPER PLEASE, THANK YOU, NOW YOU RAP THU LIKE A TANK AND ILL DRIVE OFF ON A SKIDOO. NEEDS MONEY TRYIN TO GET SOME NVM NO ONE GOT NOTHIN BUG RUGGED I SAW SYLE LOOKIN BACK AT MY BEERS, LEMON SQUEEZE, JAPANESE, SOME ONE CALL THE POLICE. STRUGGLING,HUSSLYIN IT, RITS, RAP, TELL I SHIT A BRICK, It was just me all along getting on drugs and shit fuck this fuck the police. KEEP MY MIND TO PAPPERGO SIT AT MY CHAIR AND WRITE BACK AND FORTH RUGGED RAW MIST BUST A JAW. Scene as fuck old ghetto with a bat just to show that I can RAP, you LOST YOUR BEAT, YOU WITH A CUP OF TEA TRYIN TO EAT UP RAP, BUY YOU A TOKE TO SMOKE THE SMOKE? DO THE COKE? HE DOES COKE NO ONE CEARS DONT PUT IT UP YOUR NOSE, FLEX MASTER FLOW. DONT BE SCEARD OF RETARD, DONT NE HARD ON RETARD FART ON RETARD. SOME ONE BUY THIS GEAR, BEFOR I BECOME A BIG PISS BEAR WHIPPING SIPPING ON BEER,SCEARD, WADDA ,QUARE. No one ever with me just getting bagged out the porch door poor chores, bitta DRUGS AND SHIT HESHERE, spit, spit,spit, AT HIS BATHROOM FOSSETT. ABOUT THIS GUY FIXING HIS EYE BROWS HIS EYES NICE AND ROUND, TRYIN SOUND NICE. LOOK NICE EVEN BE NICE. EXTRA NICE. MILK THE COW WHILE I BUY AND OUNCE. MILK THE COW WHILE I BUY AND OUNCE, MILK THE COW WHILE I BUY AN OUNCE, PIG SHIT AT MY FRONT DOOR CHICKS A RORE FOR MORE. I OFFER A SMELL OF THE HALF OUNCE THAT I GOT RING A BELL TWO PARRELL LINES WILL NEVER MEET, SELL, FEW DAYS PASS BURNNIN IN HELL.YOUR SITTING I HAVE MY OWN SMELL, SNIFF ONE LINE REPETE SNIFF ONE LINE REPETE SNIF ONE LINE REPETE. ALL MINE SNOW UP MY NOSE THAT GUY CAN RHYME WITH DIME WITH THE SHINE LEFT ON SMILE. TRYIN TO FREESTYLE. FALLING TO MY KNEESE MAKIN THIS SHIT AND SHIT BORING. TAKE 5. HES LIKE A FIRE BRATHING LIZARD BIGGEST TOWN RAPPER, RAPPING BEAT THE STREETS RAPPING, FELL ON MY KNEESE. TRYIN BE 8 MILE. NOW IS THAT A GOOD LIFE STYLE. TOP FLIGHTS, GOIN OFF FOR A WHILE, EMINEM, LIKE A CHILID HIGH ON SHIT, SHIT CANT BREAK HIS SMILE, BUZZED FOR LIFE WACKED BY THE RAP GAME. RUGGED RAW LIFE OF LIES, PLAY THE GAME RIGHT MIGHT BUY A TIE FOR MYSELF. CROCKADILE SNAP BACK RUGGED RAW SMOKIN CRACK TIE A BAG TO MY BALL SAC.

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