what was i thinking

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Verse 1:
what was i
what was i thinking
when i tried to set the most important things in life aside
well i think i was; i was just contemplating wither i should continue waiting
for a good thing to roll my way.
(for a good thing to roll my way)
so with that said
all of my enemies, gonna drop dead
Na man im not gonna spray them down with lead, that's a shame i thought i
had cleared out my bad name
anyway lets get this diss on the runway i aint got time to play because I
have to have lifted up 666 prayers by Sunday
besides the point i think ill just get to the point where i just accept the
disappointment that comes with thinking
outside of the comfort zone, man I just need to get back into that comfort
So every body lets get together and lets stay together until the end of time...
Hopefully by then I can by better than a extremely successful businessman..
YEA... lets all say what is going awaaay---awaaay---awaaay... TODAY

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