Therapy session

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I bet you never even cried over me
I died and had to rebuild myself in a better image
Thought you were the one but you were just a scrimmage
What we had wasn't real and that realization has burned itself into my vision
Tired of living and loving given it all just end up with nothing
Over a month later and the wounds still haven't healed thats gotta mean something
Sitting in the room where it all began
Nostalgic moments that i wish never had
But they'll always remain
If you could've seen the look on my face
When you wouldn't even give me a reason for why the good thing we had was ending
Never imagined it but was somehow prepared for it
Whenever I'm happy something has to ruin it
I seen it coming
Done with running from my problems
Sit down with a bottle and have a little therapy session
Go over everything i ever questioned and answer them
If i can't i guess i have time to do it again tomorrow
Been stuck in rut
but moving up just needed to cut some variables out
what luck i only needed my spirit crushed
Now its fucked up
Stopped giving a fuck about the shit i could never change
I apologize about being out of it lately
Just went through some stuff now ill never be the same
Less sane depressed and looking to run away
But I'm trying to change
Drink more than not i wish i forgot what it feels like to not hate the situation I'm in
Tempted to cash my chips in and check out
Heard the middle of nowhere is nice this time of year
But my problems and struggles with depression would follow me i fear
Near death experiences are the only time i feel alive so 105 on the back roads home are my escape
Don't worry I'll be ok
At a disadvantage due to damage
struggling to live lavish but it's gonna happen
Even if no one i love can see it
Gonna know what it's like to feel needed
Even if it's because humans are greedy
Tend to be needy especially when it's me cuz they know ill give it if they need it
Not a pushover just been so low and had no one to confide in
Nights where i felt like dying but instead of suicide i ended up crying so hard it was silent
I don't want that for someone i say i love
Put their shoes on my feet
Run a couple miles and come back with a solution oh how neat
Now why can't i do that for me
I wish had all the answers but what i got is useless information
I have been taking consideration in the fact i can write
I guess my previous opinion thinking everyone could do it was a bit exaggerated
So i practice it
Talent i wouldn't say that
My talent was ruined by my sadness
Now all i can spread is depression
But at least you know you're not the only one feeling like this

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