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Getting to the money
We're living in a fantasy
And i don’t know why you fuck bitches can’t see
Aint shit funny, but it's for the money
I be trying to figure out how to get my rent money
But five years from now i bet she see
That im out here chasing that money
And you are you too, but bitch i'm three bands ahead of you
Shit with our whole family
That's why i'm after this money
Not bad using that dope money
Almost lost my life to the industry
Young money young money yeah we getting rich
Pg bitches love me like i'm tcb band polo bitch
So these bars not mine, bitch it's yours
Yup money talks, but for you money walks
My ex bitch stalks
The snitches talk to the opps
Fuck the cops
That fat bitch stay drinking pop
She need to stop
And yo girl been giving me top
That sloppy toppy
Yeah you getting real sloppy
No you can't copy
This rap Im spitting
Yo girl stay bitchin.
My house is bitchin
You stay snitchin

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