Solar Panel Akon

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letters to Huxtable Clifford
I am soo prolific
sounding like the Great Hustle
I know you went in late
but hope you come out the State, Muscles
/ certain pens the Inks black
/ Tell Chinxs , the drinks flat /
she go Nicki on pink tracks / but gimmie Cardi
, I'm Robert Horry
to all those who came before me
/ its always the end of the story until its envelopes on Maury /
I'm in Napan sipping Sappori , with Asian fans who think in Aubrey /
Their asking me about the 6
, listen here lil bitch i'm Torey
/ Lanez my icy chaines Lil Waynes /
Lil Babies trying to snatch this bitch from me
while Attending Stanford with Lamont Sanfords
getting young Money from Bigg Dummies

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