Livin Life Remix

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The maserati mission
But im filling up the ollo
The nigga wanted to be a gangsta
Well the man lied
I was just breaking down the league
Repping my franchise
She wanna roll a fat one now she got the chinese eyes
Im just knoccing folks over but im living life
Its crazy how it is on the flipside
I never seen expensive condos im from the knob hillside
Grew up to be a real 9
Rocc with me im sliding and get off at 9
Whats hatnin
This shit heating up its verde
I grew up with martin dej jam bet what they know about earthquake
Im from the dirt had to work late
This shit crazy this something they aint heard wait
I dont want to talk about it
So i roll up and keep your mouth filled
My nigga was the batter i was in the out field
But on the frontline when they need extra wheels
But im passenger seat when we start up the wheels
Test drive she a test drive
Baby over there the one pull off the lot with
Hit em with the gun bars and they dont miss
Listen to what im saying better be all ears we dont got no more tears
Old timer think he still the man here
We got the plan moving no baccup no breaks we just steer
Moving and in gear until they say clear
Aint no fear nigga its our year
Tombstones like its a dog year.
Its hard to live life out here
When all you see is niggas trying earn stripes out here
Niggas dont care bring the knives out here
We got time out here
I dont give a fucc all the locs bring they wives out here
If you know what i mean
Its all about the cream.
This shit crazy
Im moving lowkey
Blowing smoke and she could blow me
Holding some fire can you hold me
Good weed im rolling
Money stacc aint big enough for folding
Just give me a day all i needed was a night in holding
I knew.

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