Next Level verse 2

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Fe fi FO FUM belittle these rappers, you all NO LON impact us/
your people forsake you/
Who the god, was the question I awake to/
Before strength comes Weakness/
I ain't always had the CONFIDENCE
Back when my CONSCIENCE was sleepin/
When it was time to conquer, I never seize it/
Opportunity lost when I received it/
Took no chances, I kept grievin/
Why he famous? Rapping about dope, killing, and girls bitchin/
I'm better, if only my case was evident enough to present it/
No legend to tell, my death is the only proof I existed/
If yall just give me a little of your time, approximate 3 minutes/
Y'all will see how much meaning I put into these lyrics/
And only then yall will UNDERSTAND what I'm rapping ABOUT
why I'm ferious/
But yall dont even GLANCE
That's the thing about soundCLOUD, yall just overhear it/
I feel like my talent is chain and gated, I can't reveal it/
I feel like someone came with eight trigrams
and sealed it/
I guess they knew in my tale(tail), I'll be a beast
Bombin everybody 9 times/
Why 9/
Cuz I know them pussy ass niggas got 9 lives

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