Chopper Roar

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In a foreign Off a perc, yea I'm soaring
Nothing boring Engine rev yea it's roaring
Chopper roar it's a warning
Chopper roar yea I'm scoring
Chopper roar it's a warning
Bow his head he in mourning
Raise his head Like in the morning
Sleeping on you niggas yea I'm snoring
If you need me I'll be off the lean
Leaning like Micheal Jackson when he sings
I ain't Drake but she makes my trap line bling
She calling me to smoke out her and her team
I'm asking her like Bae, what do you mean?
I'm the one that taught you it ain't shit for free
Go ahead baby get down on your knees
Matter of fact why don't you go head grab your team
They gone do the most-est I had a bitch suck me for hostess
For a fucking twinkie, she'll let me split like I'm Moses
It's the slimy bitches that always look like roaches
She wants that Bently Coupe but rides around in Ford Focus
Hocus Pocus yea magic with the D
And you know it yea she passing it to me
Long legs booty shorts what do you see
You see the lakers? I see your bitch all on my meat
Switch the flow up
doing doughnuts
When I shoot my uzi
I shrug my shoulder
I was late but
I had to show up
It's a scary sight
Grab my mask
Zip me up
Zip him up
Do my dance
Lift him up
You want the beef?
It's getting tough

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