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when i was young i thought it was funny
watching my parents worry about money
left my girl chilling with her family
Lock my heart up, this is jail, throw away the key
So high I’m on the ceiling baby
But five years from now I bet she still see the real me
not the kid who was gonna be hanging from a tree
keep my flow smooth to ease the pain
all the devils thoughts fill my brain
poison me set me free kick the track like bruce lee
sting like a bee dont ya see
im trying to be the best me
i used to chuck money
nowadays im struggling to find a penny
but thats just how it goes
everyone your friend while your money flows
please stop shoving that shit up your nose
thats what she said ill never forget
the look on her face when she found out
she was so ashamed i felt blamed felt drained felt like id been chained
its always harder against the grain pop the champagne
spit like im lil wayne contain the pain so you dont have to explain
why theres a war in your head. good vs evil light vs dark
i hope we never lose our spark stark lets hit the park
all these feelings in your heart i shredded like a shark time to embark
on our next chapter, release the anger switch it to laughter lets continue
to capture the pleasure we share. it kills when your not there
filled with despair a girl like you is rare.
you call me butterflies thats wise i surprise heres your prize i send it to you
chew through the the generic views and we will make it take it
separate it into the good and bad because if it wasnt for you and my dad
i wouldnt be standing here with zero fear to annihilate any motherfucker
who try to muder you come at you with an m two show the crew
i just flew onto a meteor im outer space leave no trace embrace disgrace
wipe those tears off your face erase misplace ill chase the pace shoot up
the place nowadays i blaze steadily especially mentally i want to flee go on
a kill spree for you cos aint no one gone ride for you like i do boo
stick by me youll be just fine its bout time i resingned
redesigned my image because all you haters just be fake lake ill go
for a swim to relax retract mismatch dispatch the package of love to
the ones who matter cos when im gone ill try to leave the most fond
memories. i love you all and im ready to ball...up and take to one knee
and see if we can start our own family branch out like a tree
but im not made of money but i promise i will be the best daddy
hold me to my word heard stirred my vision is blurred but to me you
still beautiful so ill rest in peace release police turn my life into a
masterpiece with an increase of character and prosperity.
married to you forever ill be.

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