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Ayo.. ayo.
You left me here alone, all blown.
Didn't overload me on this home.
You would think that I had match for a lone
Here it comes.
I've been bullied enough at home.
Enough, that my ears feel numb.
I'm numb, I feel no pain. Shoulda told me while I'm sane.
You didn't explain, why you didn't remain.
Neva told me baby, I'm really sorry.
Coulda atleast told me bye.
People, say I'm nuts.. I deny everything cuz I'm cuts.
She didn't give two fucks about my feelings.
Cuz all I hear from her, is her complaining.
Alone.. oh hoo hoo, left me alone.
Everytime I rap, she gives me the tone.
She leaves me alone,
Cuz all I do is complain.
But in the midst of my heart I know I'm vain.
Yah.. yah.
Gave me the aditute, blew me off. Every second.
Neva, told me I should change.
Neva told me I should shave.
That's why I'm writing.
To fix my personality is what I'm finding.
Hey, hey. Why you no love me.
Is all I hear nowadays.
But you know that if I was sane I woulda loved ya to the top of my brain.
You attached me to these chains. Tightening me up when I complain
Left me the strain,
Left me the hate
Left me the love
It was hella deep
Rolling in every journey.
Left, me with a ton of Energy.
Forgot to leave me on.
Forgot, to tell me stop.
Walked out of my house, pist. Hoping that I would change.
I neva did, and I neva will.
My life, is what I seek.
Got none
Play until 4AM.
Thats fun, Yeah, yeah..
Rollin in, every week. Tryna get through me.
jhb And this is the end of the rap, cuz I got none of them tabs.

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