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Honestly I'm a prodigy, I'm here prodding G's
For a pound in beef so what I speak is a darker meat
I got problems,, Like all of me is an oddity
But the flow improved, now I'm showing you
Why my style is filled with anomolies
I'm not one for hoes, but I'll take the two, like a penalty
Like they Siamese, and I'd like the three but I'm crossing lines
who brings harder bars? Your wasting time
Don't be wasting mine, don't be wasting bars,
Don't be wasting lives like a prison guard
It's feelin like this a dream run, I don't really need funds
Feeling like it's gonna be a short climb
Feelin like it's gonna be a green mile
Okay that's a cheese line, but it ain't a jingle tho
and I'm spitting kinda fast I'm going sicko mode

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