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produced the beat myself, its off my first beattape so ye.

just recently started rapping

Nothing I write clicks with you/bring your clique with you
We can fix issues/malicious intent/to encrypt flicts/
like others do/if theres trouble-shoot/automate automatics
Till the bug is revuln/over-run and re-shoot/
You’ll get ran like executables/it’s all eval then you’re extra bootable/
From the head to cudicles/protect your neck and computables/
I deliver a mess i’m bulletproof/disrespect you’ll wreck my coolant loose/
Come to me your best is suitable/whatever fits for the rest as usual/
Errors ducible/A giant against you irreducible/prepare the funeral/
Never fear/The neros near/narrowing the next name lettered here/
Severed ear/mail it to Helen weird/or leave it hanging like the message dear/
Stress is clear/can’t stress it clear/that my mood crescent here/like my neck and beard/
Necklace snapped/Neck is snapped/wrench it back with the head attached/
Linda Blair embedded act/in bed and rap/fuel the fire unleaded gas/
And let it blast/red headed fag/it never hits/
till the message hits/Get on my level bitch/My level bitch...

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