never be selfish

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i should never be selfish
I'm ballin you niggas is Arliss so watch this
Better yet a genie baby make ya first wish
nah but i fucking wish
I’m so 100 with every nigga I run with
And I don't rely on no bitches
Babe you know it gets no better than this
This is ice, this is frozen,
Boss broke, spouse choke, blouse open
Top ranked, number one my son
Well baby bot there ain't no question
i cant go and see niggas
Money over niggas
I gotta go and see my house
Freakin' out all I see is clouds
My garage full of cars that bounce
I gotta go and go and see ever
And there's little to be glad for
Gold chains, 24, niggas must be shinin' more
As soon as I walk in the door
You ain't gotta worry no more
what should i even do this
remember this everyday
AS: Other plans got in the way
Whatever comes your way
I'm hopped up on it, it won't go away
Like Michael Jackson, how you do me this way
Get in the mood on Blacc Friday
But respect is more real, and ambition the key
We ain't hear to hurt nobody
Wanna see you work your body

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