Synner-Falling Tides

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There's tons of sick pricks
9 out of 10 will turn to tricks
They feel like if the chill with me real quick, that they'll soon be filthy rich
take a hike you fucking bitch, your a you aint nothing but a talentless piece of shit
Stick around, and ill keep going
I think your face may need some real re-molding
you have a serious state of mind that's just not right
I'm right here, and you're right there, and its too hard to decide
Suicide, is my final option
homicide will never be
I'm gonna hurt all the mother fuckers
That hurt my life to be
I'm not a villan, or even a bad guy
But I expect a fucking eye for an eye
I like it to be peaceful, nobody should ever die
Bit sometimes you have to step on people, just to do what's right
Everybody wants to fly
till I ask the the reason and they cannot answer why
if you could, what would you try?
Would you try to find the other side?
Tell me, will we ever agree
It fells like my mind has crossed that line
So I tell my friends to meet me shortly
Know on wood, but when I die, I need them there, so they can witness my demise
Tell me honestly why
You have always stuck by my side
Is there something wrong with my mind?
I've always thought of you as my ride or die
Please tell me fucking how
You're my queen and I feel like I should bow
I mean im close to saying my own vows
That is only if you give me a chance to explain how

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