Real ones!

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Fuck rap yall can have it back
See the shit
now adays not rap
No story's behind rap music today
Emotionless voices no soul
see who wants to hear abouts drugs
Oh so corny wanna hear about addictions
Make it sound cool too for the kids
Let em think that the Leen is good
Molly is good underage toking tooo
Come on yall know kids Brains still developing
Fuck who's next on Jimmyz chopping block
Crookid politicians and cheeto dust diped face powder presidents
Yes trump imma talking you
Punk mother fucka we as people might as well build wall around the wight house
box up yall inside clensing all Crookid political Figures out of their power
Giving positions to the deserving people who actually want take care of our world
I'mma sorry I'm ranting my minds lackluster membrane been well...bit unhinged id like to take my shoes off innna minute
let any try to walk in em
lift just the littlest weight off my back minute
Naw fuck that!!!!
wouldn't take shit off for any person this life made me
Would not change shit like game said same hood in k town
Grew up in
love it
Watched older brother kill raps in studio well I peek from the bathroom trying to stay away from drugs an crack smoke
came with scene an people
Who own studio
see can't mention no names or most real storys in head
ant no snitch
get locked up just mentioning half shit did as kid if i were to rap about it
Real gs recognize real right
Real gs stay silent ant needa speak about shit
people know
what we been through an what we about
This one for the real ones
An hommies still up on lock
Doing life or time
Not snitching
Weird right
Not snitching
Not snitching
This one's for the real ones
Doing real time still up on lock
Naw naw naw
Not snitching
Not snitching
This one's for....
the the the
real ones!!!
Real ones!!!
(2 verse)
Yea as said no snitching
Momma said never let no pup in dog pound
If do these pussy cats surely purrr
We're my squirt gun need control
Of dog house
i ant gunna lie
I Ant gunna lie
flow switch
Cut throat Jimmyz
Look alive
When u hear gun shots
Blap blap brap brap
Kill shot pointed on da dome
Ant know
till shots fired !
Annnn a off
Throw away long barrel rifle zip line get away living life mission impossible style
Dibolic I'm on it
Catching body's Aimed at mumble rapper's
See my Sifistication level is on another level
Better deciphered by Egyptians an superior educated intellectuals ahead of own time kinda people
See ant ever really have friends
Besides the select few
yea know who are
Never bosted never claimed to be somthing not
Only talk what I've seen or saw out own eyes
Or experiences needa justa write about
But rap now said fake half yall talk
About life never had
don't speak unless articulated in facts
Ya could get smoked talking
bitch Boi
Yea know already said it
No snitching
No snitching
Money talks
Money talks
If act like cat back up wit purring ass Ant no Nintendo
clip extended
look like no re load fucken up game
Half yall so Hella fake just can't talk about it any more
Yall just eve locked in the garden
a snake Turning real ones into stone when something yall don't like is heard
cops okay u took their Jobs making no love in hood and game just snakes
slithering trying for crown but got
weed Wacker
bring on snakes I'll decapitate all yall heads when I see u slither by or near me with my pac smile on an fingers up screaming fuck yall too

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