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Just read the lyrics with the beat, my voice is cancer.

Run straight out the back, lyrics ready to attack (Ha)
Gun go grrat tat tat, pistol loaded got the strap (Whoo)
Bodies in the back, I got bricks on bricks of crack (Yeah)
Bitches on my sack, you aint ready for this match (Damn)
Tryna figure out what ya'll rappers are about
You got rich ass studios bitch I only got my house (What?)
Lyrics be on point, all you fakes just learned to count
I got all this clout, bitch I'm drippin by the ounce *Gun shots*
I don't even know what all you dumb ass hoes get credit for
I be writing lyrics like a book packed full with metaphors (Aight)
I write this shit clean, you got ghosts don't even need a source
You look at my lyrics, your confused, somebody need a tour (Yep)
This shit took me 30 everybody need a year
Bitches get offended, what you gonna shed a tear (Huh?)
Only my first song, I got no damn business here
I just burnt your shit down and this beat just made it clear (Bam)

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