Real Deal

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I'm real deal with paid dues and paid bills
Behind steel bars and packed steel,
And I pack still!
I’m still packing, I’m as lethal as my nine is,
Leaving fools bleeding out they sockets like that Ebola virus is.
I’m creating extra orifices, shot between the eyelids
Triclops metamorphosis.
Shoot yo ass a blow hole back of the dome,
Now ya lookin’ like them porpoises!
I’m all about my scratch,
So it’s best not to leave me feelin’ shorted,
Playin wit my money makes my mind gone
Like my operating systems not supported!
Don’t get this distorted,
I’ll leave you bent out of shape,
Twisted up; contorted!
Fucking around with Ruthless Rix
Is something that just can’t be afforded!
And fool that’s for real,
I am so versatile, that I’m versa-teel,
In fact I should charge a versa-toll.
But this is freestyle nonrefundable, irreversible!
By the way, did I mention I am unmerciful?
Cards been dealt, cards get pulled!
And now my hearse is full!

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