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What I expectorate is highly combustible,
While you regurgitate that same old nonsense,
What a shame, but in any sense
Let’s commence,
I’ll bring them new concepts to open up yo conscience,
While assuredly you’ll bring a mere pretense
That’s an offence to common sense!
In reality I shouldn’t even comment,
But your technique is weak,
it’s basic, in fact you’re just plain common!
My modus operandi is one that is meticulous and intricate,
I’m ostentatious and conspicuous,
While simply put you’re just ridiculous,
Hardly even worth a diss,
Plus you fickle, loyalties inconstant
Here, allow me to elucidate,
Shed some light on the situation:
You’re incompetent!
Yeah, I know that’s blunt,
But you seem to lack direction,
You out of line like an inflection
In a constant state of flexion,
Getting twisted up, so listen up
While I spit this lyrical confection
You claim your ill, eh-hem,
Correction, that’s satirical,
My flow is so dope plus it’s constant,
And this is based on evidence that’s empirical!
Step to this, you’d need a miracle,
I’m detrimental, defeat is inevitable,
I’ll add you to my death toll,
And believe me it’s one that’s quite incredible!

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