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Every robot full of hate, it's time to deactivate.

Lyrical madness when you enter my lyric like type of insanity.
I’m not here for attention I’m simply just here to make history.
Witness an all time great because it’s a new generation.
Time for a new phase so forget the mother fucking blame game.
My words are my mofo’ weapons to deactivating every robot.
I’ll give every enemy a seizure or mother fucking blood clot.
My lyrics are too violent because they make you’re ears bleed.
Maybe that’s because of someone like Dennis the menace.
My girl is so motivational showing people how to rap.
Damn romantic poetry needs to make a classic comeback.
I’m awaiting for mega stardom to erase the celebrity hate.
You celebs are more hated every day in every way.
Seem the news recently mother fuckers?
You’re all subliminal alien fucked up screw loosed scum bags.
How many years would a crimimal be willing to serve?
Maybe we should force them into jail with a rapist for a laugh mayn.
Yo rapist?, you’re being locked up with a mother fucking rapist like you.
Forget the prison rules because there about to mofo’ change.
Why you so serious mayn when life is about having a laugh.
Damn I never knew mario drowned inside of a fucking dolls bath.
Push that pram around acting like a decent mum.
You always rip there fucking heads off.
Damn the mental health is painful.
Stop fucking screaming at me all y’all!
Why are babies so annoying mayn?
I’d prefer to avoid the stress.
At least I can avoid getting pregnant.
I couldn’t imagine this fucking shit.
Yo women you need to make a stand.
A natural legal baby peado.
Messing with us is messing with other countries.
Ireland, Iran, India, us, isn’t this the fun part of it?
Everybody that doesn’t make peace.
The soldiers are awaiting for these gang members.
There all faggots when you smack them one by one.
Won’t even feel a thing anyway all y’all.
They punch like a fucking sissy.
A girl could smack harder then this.
So just remember to pick up a mofo’ brick.
Do this street style with a heroic smile.
It’s not fair that people praise super heroes.
Why can’t we make real super hero suits?
Critics?, after the scum they defend mayn?
“Hahaha forget everyone of you too!”
Listen bitch prove to me that you can be loyal.
Give me that law lie down then roll over and play dead.
Want me to throw a mother fucking thick stick?
If women are bitches to each other then be nicer to you’re fucking daughters.
I’ll get all the females in history me.
They can’t resist this magical lyrical realistic actual poetry.
I’ll sniper every alien mother fucker with my lyrical glock.
With lyrics as great as mine I’d take over every rappers mofo’ block.
Horrid Henry meets Dennis the menace.
If only Matilda met Charley from the chocolate factory.
How the abuse turned into subliminal bullshit.
“Fuck all wrong with you’re leg look at you fucking dancing!”
Damn why did this muppet have to win?
He cheated but little fag boy simply still won.
I don’t think this is fair if you ask me.
“Yo wonka?, you and that other guy was really fucking creepy!”
Let’s walk around approaching kids yeah?
(Here’s a golden ticket mayn)
Yeah you run home gay littl Charlie.
“Matilda would’ve looked the bad one in this...”
I can’t belive people belive poor peoples lies.
But what’s the difference with every spoilt rich bitch?
All the arguing is for nothing.
“We’re the only ones that’s different all y’all!”
So selfish like this fucking brexit.
How many problems do you expect to solve?
Solve one by one at a mofo’ time.
“High pressure and bullying is a mother fucking crime!”
Pressuring with questions including bullshit.
Do you even care about our fucking country?
So far the government seems different from other countries doesn’t it?
“Look at all of the abuse all over the mofo’ place you disgrace to race!”
Yeah I’m telling you i see the world clearly.
You learn things in rap and politics.
I’m seeing the world on a whole new level.
“Hahahaha It’s just the way it is!”

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