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My cousin Olivia is funny, kayla is a laugh, rheans just a wind up.
They have a personality, but why just family?, that’s incest too.
So is beastality, not all about the sex, remember this, love CAN be evil.
If it’s forced upon you, my feelings come first, I have to be a good role model.
Girls are the target for the law, i have to guide them, I can’t fucking stand it.
Why mayn?, younger or not, my cousins are amazing, that just splits family up.
Forget the mind games, forget a loud voice, forget intimidation mayn.
Why not the boys?, women are peados, there’s no younger then a baby right?
There natural peados, they can have babies, it isn't natural for men, but I’m different.
Girls can be a bit lesbian, lads can be a bit gay, I just hate gay all together.
Keep on track, stay straight, gays just can’t help naturally being a criminal.
That’s why they was legalised, it’s who they are, but naturally there just off track yeah?
People wish you wasn’t gay, other wish you wasn’t gay, we just don’t want mind shit.
We know what you do, because we think about things, inside of the mofo’ box.
Because you take our mind, we don’t want a war, just leave us alone mayn.
We’re nice, we’re different, we’re sick of being shamed or whatever ok?
We both been through a lot, forget peace, forget war, just devide innit?
Let’s simply part ways, I’m sick of crime, get back on track, how about that?
Bad child role models, forget Miley Cyrus, she makes me fucking sick.
I’ll use the law, target the government, “do you fucking get me all y’all?!”
Our country, our land, our streets, our jobs, our everything, do,you get me?
Peace means part ways, make peace with you’re countries, it isn’t working.
Do our kids get along?, it’s not like I can use the “N” word “IS IT?”
Besides Kendrick is scary, he’s won many award, motivating like Tupac all y’all.
Some girls can be violent, kids get away with it, so girls should take over.
They should learn boxing, it’s cleaner then the UFC, naked kids wrestling is sick.
Forget this shit, thinking of the weak spot, always on about there mofo’ balls.
Like Amir Khan, should be banned, fighting people he can’t beat for money.
Look he’s a nice guy, he’s just a bad role model, he’s just dumb as fuck.
Why get beat up against someone you can’t beat?, just for stupid fucking money.
That’s not good for kids, that will get them beaten up, that’s just bad isn’t it?
What’s family life like?, kids are different, girls are slightly different then women right?
I don’t mean the body, I mean there personality, apart from they stay away from sex.
They don’t touch alcohol, don’t do drugs or pills, they get left out, notice them mayn.
Why not speak to them?, I speak to my cousins, I’m sick of this family bullshit.
Why is everything incest?, it’s like romance with animals, it’s weird isn’t it?
They same as women, same personality, do you know you’re kids?, answer me this.
Are you good parents?, would they say the same?, you have to love them.
I love my cousins, but it’s like loving a boy, why love family but nobody else?
It’s creepy, it’s freaky, yeah we love you, thanks for everything we never asked for.
Forcing yourself into my life, forcing me to love you, I don’t even know you.
You can’t just jump on me, you love me, but I might not love you, do you get me?
Step by step, nothing fast, no sudden movements, just remain calm at all times.
We’re all human, forget fear factor, we’re born to die, am I Right?, it’s called life.
I go by fate, I’m not hurting you’re feelings, I’m sick of sex, the drugs and shit.
Not really into lying, forget secrets, I have no guilt or shame, governments hates girls.
If there hard on women, think about the girls, it’s wrong to control them, sick of family.
Rather abusing us, physically or mentally, sometimes even emotionally.
If it’s not abusing, it’s controlimg, it’s trapping, it’s annoying, it’s stalking.
Harassing, trolling from a distance, do you get me?, it causes mental health.
You affect our minds, break our hearts, look at it like this, on both sides.
If you’re from a working family, it’s do this or do that, always bullying with pressure.
If it’s criminals, it’s always crime, always alcohol, always pills, always the sex,
It’s government vs the media of the BBC, all of these alien confusing words.
Say how it is, make sense, you brain wash, you need fucking killing.
There on about jailing old people now, it’s fucking funny, “respect youngers mayn!”
The law is hard, celebs are hard, politics is hard, government are hard, society is hard.
Do you get me?, life is hard, it’s sll confusing, it is what it is, it’s hard so what?
I’m just laughing at all y’all, forget the hatred, forget the sickly background too.
The BBC are critics, they defend gays, they defend peados, they are the law.
Maybe the BBC is the government, do you get me?, you’re at a strange wave length.
Speak all alien, can’t just say how it is, you bring nothing important up.
Everybody speaks so much shit, I don’t, I’m a good parent, I make perfect sense.
Criminalise vs criminals, who is who, what is what, the media messes with our heads.
Stop blaming each other, you’re a bunch of whimps, I’ll tell you straight.
It’s just how it is, predators use trust, I refuse to take a risk, I am who I am.
Do you getc me?, no mind games, you all do this, you all talk shit.
None of it makes sense, it’s all brain washing, “we want nothing to fucking do with it!”

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