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There’s crime, there’s sick people, the laws crazy, they never listen to anything.
Do you get me?, they do it, they know they do it, so why can’t we have romance?
It’s still against the law, the sex ruins this, that isn’t love, romance is true love.
Boys don’t get this homie, but the girls do, like vada from my girl the movie.
That’s true rap, that’s poetry, that’s romance, that’s also true love.
Like other countries, they agree with me, calling them is calling me.
Nothing wrong with it, stop fucking shaming us, young girls are beautiful.
There not ugly, there dateable, ask teachers, “oh wait theycget them into sex”
Like parents, like family, like another country, people just don’t understand me.
At least i speak sense, do you know what this is?, you don’t though do you?
Stop falling for me bitches, it has to work both ways, it’s just how it is.
There’s gay people and then there’s me, boys are bullies, girls are amazing mayn.
Ask me this, do you have a daughter?, what do you think of her?, just be honest?
What’s her personality?, her favourite things?, forget the birthday, only one day innit.
Just gimme the presents or whatever, thank you, it’s over now right?, that was boring.
Proper depressing, nothing last forever huh?, Damn this is stupid, isn’t IT?
Does she have a personality?, is she full of love?, is she motivating?
Can she do things herself?, is she smart?, does she seem to fancy older people?
Peados use sex, there abusive, they bully, they control, they trap, do you get me?
It’s connecting us, some girls and teens are amazing you know, there a great laugh.
Prison was ok, they was nice, they defended me, the screws was amazing too.
There’s no made to look like suicide on our side, it’s more of the east life.
Like the mother fucking south coast, not the north and the west, do you get me?
It’s like a pixie vs scarecrow, it’s a lose lose situation, “total random assassination!”
Too much confusion, get to the point, say how it is, that’s how you survive.
I survived in prison, they was all violent gangsters, especially when they snap.
Someone owed macca bacca, so he smacked him the fuck up, he deserved this.
Owed him money, never told him he was getting released, why try to stop it?
There nice lads, it’s about respect, helping each other out, do you get me?
It was ok, I held my own, they called me rocky or Ali, I’m more half pacquiao.
Half Bruce lee, with some Ali, yet nothing like rocky, I’m a defensive fighter me.
It’s trick lyrical cartography, hard to understand, do all y’all mofo’ get me?
I told them straight, I only had 4 months, so you know, but end of the day mayn.
I just said how it is, we all got along, but we hated the peados, one got smacked.
I threatened him myself, decided to walk away, not get more time added on.
He shit himself, it was quite funny, but then again, I just wanted go home innit?
Forget brexit, is it even gonna happen?, criminals are getting away with too much.
Millennials are different, the army know this, gangsters can be bloody and violent.
It’s not appropriate for kids, so you need to stop this shit, besides, this isn’t you.
You’re nice, you just need to sort you’re heads out, “blame the fucking subliminals!”
Do you get me?, there’s gypsy brides, they get me, then there’s Iran and US.
Forget India because they force them, we’re just different, do you get me?
Blame the government, blame the sex, romance dating and love is normal all y’all.
Criminals are cowards, they need gangs, they need power, they need weapons.
We need weapons too, we need gangster firms, we need peace with the police.
Somehow make a deal, because there fucking aliens, just wreck our head.
They caused mental health, all of these critics, they can’t force us to get along.
We love our country, we hate people who disrespect it, who don’t respect us either.
We don’t mind nice people, but we don’t wanna mix with this, for the kids sakes.
There different, boys and girls are too, who remembers Dennis the menace?
Playing with a old mans nose whilst he’s asleep?, “no girls allowed” apparently.
You stick to you’re gay friends, you be faggots, besides there’s a girl right there.
Yeah more of a tom boy, but she’s still a girl, unless she wants a sex change.
Dunno really, up to you, what do you think mayn?, damn this boy was gay.
So what if I flip, people hate me for being different, I hate gay people, the way it is.
I don’t force you to like me, couldn’t really care, but you critics start criticising.
We don’t do that, we let you get on with it, but snap when you do something wrong.
You force people to like change, to like people we hate, like things we hate too.
Do everything we hate, say everything we hate, you refuse to make peace.
You can stop things that makes us hate you, acting like girls, more of a Tom girl.
The girly stuff, the accent, I mean, it’s annoying, you create hate.
There’s no love, all about the sex, look at the world, “Oh it’s ok girls I’m gay”
Meaning get naked, do you get me?, NO!, “keep on those fucking clothes!”
We hate violence, but sometimes that’s how we are, they deserve this shit.
We can’t help having confidence, we can’t help being cocky, do you get me?
We believe in ourself, we won’t just tell you what you wanna hear all of the time.
You look like a hoe, which is important advice, you don’t wanna be a target do you?

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