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I remember my cousin rheannon when she was a kid.
She knocked on for me one day.
I jumped in the bath with my swimming trunks on.
Not once did i get naked in front of her.
She tried drowning me under the water the bitch.
It was nothing apart from fucking speaking.
I’ve even slept around my aunty Alisons.
I even slept with her at one point.
She’s my cousin and thought nothing of it.
She basically just kicked me in the face twice then moved away.
She got in bed with her parents in the end.
I never did nothing so forget the critics state of minds all y’all.
I’ve been around kids and teens before.
Not once have I done anything.
So ok maybe sometimes I do stupid things.
Basically things you learn in school.
Strangling people called a “pea tie” where you pull it into a knot.
There parents even thanked me for looking after them.
They know I’d do anything for there kids.
Always defending them.
Giving them attention and some love.
They wasn’t hoes and they wasn’t naughty.
I actually changed them a lot.
They used to always defend me homie.
Kids still defend me now.
Exposing bullies and celebs.
Every country is good.
It’s just the criminals on both sides as usual.
Family should come together.
Let the outlaws stick together on the other side all y’all.
Yo I need settle something with you back when you was kids.
I’m sorry I broke you’re hearts girls.
It was against the law plus I was dumb as fuck.
I had no confidence plus people bullied me.
They trusted me and I never let them down.
I just couldn’t answer you’re flirty calls really.
I knew you fancied me.
I just couldn’t do nothing.
Nobody else cared about me.
All the teens cared about was lads.
Back in my era it was nothing but sex.
There was no love and it torn me apart.
They showed me love.
They was my friends.
I showed them love in return.
The swearing boys are the best ones.
Used to play football all of the time.
It’s just not appropriate talk for girls is it?
You never even bothered each other.
Apart from Rhean always speaking to me like shit.
Kayla always breathing down my neck.
Asking for a piggy back.
Tegan being dangerous as usual.
Spreading rumours about me and darcy.
I’d say i pretty much impressed there parents.
I looked after them and we only ever played games.
There was nothing inappropriate.
It was nothing like that one lil bit.
I’ve had chances and not even thought about it.
“So the media was fucking wrong about this!”
Look everybody is a nice person.
They are good parents.
Some are just naughty kids.
Where bad parents have the good kids.
But this can work on both back grounds.
It’s just when they turn into teens all y’all.
Teenagers and high school fuck it all up.
Don’t get killer kids just teens that stabs you.
All of these hoes half naked or pregnant.
They need controlling and keeping in place.
Some girls are mofo’ dangerous though.
I don’t know if Tegan was like that with me or everybody.
This gives too many peados an opportunity.
Because there dirty minded naughty and it’s willingly.
I don’t know if she meant anything dirty.
I can’t think for her it’s just how it sounded.
Probably came out wrong or something.
“I never even fucking did anything!”
Love can sometimes be evil.
Sex can sometimes be evil.
It’s importanot to be safe in life.
Don’t just throw yourself at people.
This can get people into trouble.
Think before you say things.
Hey look I know I broke you’re heart.
I told you’re mum don’t bring you around anymore.
You kept adding me on Facebook then blocking me.
Always causing random arguments all of the time.
Look it’s the government so don’t blame me just blame the law.
I just don’t agree with school trips or sex education all y’all.
They know kids and they know how they think.
The naughty ones aren’t that bad.
The nice ones who can’t say mofo’ no.
There not all bad though.
It’s comfusing in life.
But I never broke that trust with the parents am i right?
I’ve had chances and done the right thing.
But girls are just different.
The lads prefer women mayn.
The girls just prefer men.
I don’t know why but they just do.
“I’m confused so I dunno about you!”
You can’t force someone to love you.
You can’t fall for someone and expect them to love you.
It doesn’t quite work like this.
I’d have to put my feelings before anybody else’s.
This is what they need teaching about.
Relationships and crimimal dangers all y’all.
It’s always the poor odd family member out that’s bad.
Mixing with the wrong friends or whatever.
They knew I was different from the start.
They trusted me and I never did nothing.
I’m not a peado like all of them dirty scumbags.
“I’m different kids love me and parents trust me, so I say it fucking proudly!”
No wonder I kept getting trolled.
Always breaking my heart on fake profiles.
Blame the law instead me for doing the right thing and following it.
It’s not because I hated you it’s because there’s hate on girls worldwide.
(So forget that just one law from now on)
“The girls know I love all y’all!”

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