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Ever since school i knew i was different.
There’s loads of people like me.
Maybe not in one area.
But overall in the UK there’s probably loads.
The nice ones that hate school and jobs.
Millennials including half of the new generations all y’all.
If we get a job then it’s annoying.
The pay is nowhere near tempting enough.
It depends on the area and how far it is.
Who works there including what type of people work there.
Plus I’m not really a working guy me.
I’d rather just live my own life and be lazy.
Being bullied through school doesn’t help.
Primary wasn’t all that bad.
Not all primaries get school into nonsey sex.
Yeah we know some girls like sex.
But that’s just bad for reality.
Girls being raped aged 8 on dating websites is bad.
They’ll think sex is normal.
This will allow criminals to groom them.
It gives them a justification.
Do you get what I’m saying?
I’m different so i can be trusted.
The rest are just abusive peados that use and abuse.
Girls are so desperate for love they take a huge risk.
Don’t blame the parents because they trusted them.
Some people are great at lying with smart acting.
I know exactly how hard it is.
Trusting some stranger with you’re daughter.
But sometimes they have to learn for themself.
That’s why i fought for this all for one shit.
Then there’s no risk for them.
I’m willing to make a sacrifice to see the girls happy.
They’ve fancied me since i was in high school.
They just know I’m different and so do there parents.
They have faith with in me.
I remember tegan years ago.
I used to look after her and take her to the park.
Couple of romantic family dates here and there.
She asked to come around mine once.
If it wasn’t for her saying, “you can do anything you want to me”
I wouldn’t of told my mum to tell her mum not to bring her around again.
Her mums nice and she trusted me.
Her brother is a nice lad as-well.
They both trusted me because they knew i was different.
There dad never had a problem with it.
She used to really like me loads.
If only i thought the way i do now back then innit.
If I was anybody else that would’ve been dangerous.
Her mum never knew she was gon’ say that.
None of us knew she meant that.
I just saw her as a kid at the time.
She wanted to come around so I said, “ask you’re mum yeah?”
Then she dropped her off around my mums house.
We was playing at first.
She wouldn’t leave me alone.
Basically all over me.
She never used to be like this.
She actually fell in love with me.
If it wasn’t for the dirty talk i would’ve been speaking to her now.
A bit like darcy years ago mayn.
Smacking me with pillows and everything.
I had no confidence and didn’t know they liked me.
I thought they was just playing about.
But darcy got bullied on Facebook so I defended her.
I kicked off with the bullies for her.
Her brother told me to look after her.
She was 11 and I was in high school at the time.
This is how easy it is for peados mayn.
Then I said to her, “come around mine I’ll look after you”
We met up for a game of football on the field.
Then she wanted come mine on my Xbox.
So we went on her favourite game.
Left 4 dead is it?
That zombie one hahaha.
Sat in the living room in front of my mum.
People started spreading bull shit too.
Not once did i touch them especially in front of my mum.
I looked at them as kids at the time.
I never actually knew they fancied me.
But they wasn’t the sexual type.
For some reason they was just different around me.
I don’t know why mayn.
It’s just the way it is.

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