Bam26 - lyrical vampire

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walks in front of the camera
Points my fingers on both hands
I’m like a lyrical vampire new rapper for hire I’ll lyrically set all y’all on mofo’ fire.
The passion of the millennials revenge is gon’ crush you’re mofo’ empire.
Because talk shit is all that you seem to mofo’ do so ima’ fucking end you.
Flicks middle fingers on both hands
Sticks out my tongue
Starts laughing
Pfft do these rappers think they actually stand a chance mayn?
I don’t need no lyrical violence with obvious facts.
I’ll be dropping nuclear bombs so proper for you’re legs to rattle to the battle.
I’m gon’ be dropping first as I knock you out with a lyrical one bomb.
Crosses my arms
Smiles at the camera evil
This is what you mother fucking do to me by trapping me in a random family.
I hate incest and i refuse to be romantic with my own mofo’ blood.
So what if people are different there not exactly dumb as fuck.
Starts laughing out loud
Clapping my hands noisily
Let’s give these mother fuckers a couple of claps then a mental relapse.
There won’t be no recovery apart from a new death discovery.
All of these fakes making profiles pretending to rucking be me.
I don’t go on social media, there’s only one tupacquiao - SEE.
Laughing louder
Flicks both middle fingers
Makes a west side sign
Yeah that’s right, forget everyone of all y’all.
Hahaha fake ass bitches, “NORTH FUCKING WEST SIDE!”
Walks away from the camera
Walks back in front of the camera hyped up
Points to the camera laughing all evil
Parents should be more careful even though they was right to trust me.
Shout out to tegan, kayla, rheannon, georgie and that punk ass bitch on the blue bike.
Yeah you heard me, so open those ears properly.
Damn you can’t resist tupacquiao, beauties like you make every female mofo’ bow!
Sticks my tongue out licking my lips all hyped up
More and more bad role models, all of these hoe celebs.
Nothing but skanks, blame the poor fucking tramps.
It’s meber the parents, it’s also every mother fucking rich bitch.
You’re all the same, why do you keep arguing?
Like a part of bitches, you don’t even make sense mayn.
(Damn this is Jeremy Kyle all over again),”nagging can be such a mental health pain”
Rolling in the floor laughing
Damn Hahahaha, this world is fucked up.
It’s so fucking crazy, fathers like shady then daughters like hayley.
I’d be the best father in history, hahaha just trust me.
Forget forced into peado school, you’d always be by my romantic side baby.

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