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yeah we spin the ops block like it to blue
my gang shout out the top like that blue true
the ops cant pop they shit got stuck like trues
fucking all theses hoe they blow me like flutes
we not ave we bloody worthy we love the flows
put the buck where my mess is we flouting to the bags
i got a few pussy niggas after me they cant bag cash like me lil boii
the gang come for you better have a army because we takeing yo boii
now i got to run to get the cash flow it real crazy around my city but it pretty
just like my bitch like my gang i got older head like throw me a brick till the 8th
i feel like that to petty like get yo bread up like my crew 12 year i fell in love with
the money i had a case i was gone fo 45 days come back out and made dub
what i had when i was 12 i was 13 got my first wrench hit a big lick this a clean
cut freestyle i blew yo maz shit back like chapo

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