Lifes a game

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Damn, crazy we used to be close
We showed everyone we was bros
Didn't talk to hoes
Why did I froze?
Didnt mean to hurt you
I was so cruel
Dont expect forgiveness
Sounds like a sad movie or a bad christmas
Reminiscing the memories we had
Lifes a fucking drag, so damn fucking bad
I said i didnt even cared
had me so scared, why did i play this game i swear
I have my fuck ups and this sucks
I know ive treated you like a couple bucks
Couldnt sleep at night, had me staying up
steady fucking up
Ive been a bitch to you lately, being shady
Called me a snake while i was getting baked
It was no escape, stuck in a locked gate
Shouldve said sorry properly, no mercy
Nigga said he'd hook me on site
This shits mad fucking tight
20 years built to throw away, all i can do is pray every sunday
making me hate myself like a monday
All those things i told you was hate, makin me frustrate
Yeah when you called me up crying and holding his paw
That shit hit me in the jaw
You think im playin like a game, what a shame
You're the one to blame
Stop fighting me, im the one you cant beat
Sounds like you got a shmeat
Yeah, mixing up the beat
You turn your fam against me
Telling them things they would never think
Made a bigass seen
Never thought you be this discread
We were close and we would boast
Grind up to be better
Now your just another page in a letter
Shit was getting worse
Yeah my soul was getting soar

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