Nights Alone

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Too many nights at home
Too many nights alone
Too much time for right and wrong
Too much time to write this song
I've had so much time to think about shit like what if you and I took the scenic route
Would you be there for my child would you see me through my cloud of insecurity
After I all I fucking did
Would you be here for the kid
You see lately I've been facing shit
That's bound to make me sink
I got problems with commitment
And I can hardly tell the difference
Between what's real or fiction
I'm constantly conditioning
Myself to feel no sympathy
From those around me fishing for the answers
But instead
I've been fixated on this person staring out the wall at me
Every morning when I brush my teeth he is warning me
Telling me that trust isn't given
Make them fucking earn it
And that luck is just cheating
So make the verses worth it
I've had too much time I've had too much time I've had
Too much time
But I got to get it
I swore by any means
I'd fulfil my prophecy
But not til I am ready
I couldnt feed myself
How the fuck could I be of help
Set myself up just to fail
So I wrote the letter saying farewell
Tears running down my face
I couldn't put the ink to page
So instead I embraced the pain
Shut myself from family
Now it's time to breathe
This time round I'll feel
In my mind I swear I'm free
So for now I write for me
My nights alone are time to grow
From nights at home I found my soul
Right and wrong is how I know
I write this song and find my hope

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