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We were eye to eye
Said your cute, cuz I can't deny
Wish it was forever but that option is already disqualified
Can I still get just 1 more retry...
But you don't love me back, don't even lie
How u know u don't when you never even try
Not talking much but on you I still rely
And I will never stop asking why
I wanted to kiss you, not even going to lie
That's why I talked and you act all oversimplified
To you I'm never ready to say goodbye
When I do I feel like I die
And I know if I were something I'd only be a side
At least you know someone loves you & that you can't hide!
The little things do matter like,
Now you know you my pride!
You the only one I wanna sit beside
But the chance of you loving me too is pretty slight!
Please tell me if I'm right,
Don't worry I'll be alright...
Not really but I know how to fight

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