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Slideshow lets paint a picture
Bang it out im tyson cold hitter
I was sipping cold liquor
On the roccs now im rolling on a river
Move slow i dont drink lean no mo
Celly cell bumping these niggas road kill
New co i came in and tore the shit down
High tempature tell em welcome to the get down
Tell cuz get some brown out the sto
Aint even legal they know me at the l
Known for keeping to myself but selling top shelf
Never heard me talking about wealth
I came broke and i had poccets when i left
Lint get ironed out i want the gucci belt
Go pookie and step
Bitch you cant get with me then step
Im so fast and she a fast ass
Fat ass lil bad ass
Pure as raw and go bag it
Nigga dropped his wallet he was slipping now i have it
Dont let a nigga tell you he gon break you off
Throwing niggas pacc with tax we need our money bacc
He ran off now he aint calling bacc
Ran off on the mall with some new slaccs
Next week i want a new hat
And the weed money i blew that
Poccet change i blew that
Cuz was snitching i knew that
We knew that.
And niggas living reccless
About that life go and of the porch
Momma left on the porch light
Said the streets aint for you
Said the heat aint for you
Voice in my head said them niggas sneaks is for you
I dont want to up it on the lil niggas
Run they poccets inside out i see real niggas
House party with just me and the bro
Filled cup and the dispo smoke
And i dont roll blunts no mo
But moms just picced up a dutch you know
Foot on niggas neccs like they was the double dutch
They squares get it
They aint prepared i stay with it
Know some niggas had they heat and layed with it
Nice bitch aint better than a crazy bitch
And she go loco rolling with real cholos
South side rip ridaz Denver you see northenos
Niggas out here looking for cremo
Looking for a get down and we know
But im not seeing em im seeing c notes
And nothing better than b roll
Polaroid for the cheap hoe
So many portraits this the slide show.
Aint nothing more important than the bank roll
And they cant see it
Then they cant see me
Aint nothing more important that the bank roll
And put some on the weed
They cant see it.

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