Tripping ft. Potentially Potent

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Sutherland's Notes

First track in 4 months due to me being a mental cunt. Feeling rusty as hell but I'm back now & in a better head space.

Wanna be a rich outlaw pissing Cristal flow,
remote home in a big chateau.
Living off dough from a quick download,
sitting bored so I'm going like Vince Van Gogh.
Raoul Moat 'fore I hit plateau,
X'ing the squares like tic tac toe.
I wanna stick with a clip that holds
an abundance of bullets that are hitting out thoughts.
And to them this is just a pro-bono job,
bars paint pictures but they're Photoshopped.
Heard they wanna collab because the promo's hot
but I'd rather suck shit through a hobo's sock.
Cannabis as an aide-mémoire,
couldn't chill-out at Café del Mar.
Used this to get on an estate less hard
but as I'm marrying the game my mind-state's Benoit.
I can hardly relate; charts indicate
soul's no longer what the arts imitate.
Hard liqour taste, lost in mistakes;
polygraph pen put my heart in a page.
Flirting with death, got the purp in my chest
& I'm surging with stress; they're alerting the feds.
But it's certain my heads in a search for respect
as I'm earning a rep of never turning to events.
Don't talk crap but I talk that shit,
throw me a bag & I'll toke that shit.
Kids wanna brag that they sold that brick
til they end up in jail eating all that dick.
Head as hard as the tar in my lungs,
in my arteries runs cold shards in the blood.
So I'm sparking a shrub for the scars in my gut
tryna harness some love from my heart as it pumps.

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