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Mixed Memories slidingd2 by in vibrant highlights regrets weighing heavily
Your touch and smile in my dreams bringing me ecstasy, clarity
Serenity only weaponry necessary is intuition and empathy
Potential opportunities unfold in front of me whole communities
Brought to their knees by the cruelties visited greed has the humanities
In a vice grip icy lines keep you up at night leave you hypnotized burn
Into your mind I've struggled and strived and thrived to eventually
Align my mouth to my bowl get into the right mood when our lips touch
'My minds like a typhoon stormy eyed gotta get my automatic with the right tune yuh'
/\ ×2
Amidst the Lowlighţ$|LivingHighLive$ illuminated stunning ocean eyes one lil peep
had me mesmerized enthralled in fascination

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