Failure at Most

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Sorry im not enough
going gets hard and the goin gets tough
Family arent here when i need them the most
im drownin and the sorrow
and i cannot even feel a little bit jolly
now im here with the knife in my hands
cutting down deeply with the knife
right to the brain
So next time take this advice
drop me off of the mic
I cannot hate you, like i hated myself
and the worse feeling was
when you left me in the dust
without that explanation you just
dropped me
and it sucks
Now no one knows why i feel so alone, cause everytime i put my trust into
it goes down in flames
I cant even sleep at night picturing you with another dude
I cant even sleep at night not knowing that you are not okay
Now i have this knife in my back, blood raining down from it
and it just sucks.
and i just wanted to drop everything for you babygirl
i cannot even think correctly no more
it feels like im losing my mind
i wanna stop thinking about
yours truly

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