Untitled Song

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Ima undecided piece
Water on leak
Cup pour
Filthy ...
Nothing in life is free
Depending on me
This aint no welfare ...
And I'm tryna see to the millions
Fuck a opinion
Facts so deadily,
Who am i tryn a be holy
No lord dont hold me
Soul i won't sell that
Kick like Bruce Lee feet
Wrist on fleet
Demon hellcat
Dior in da vincii
Od king
Smoking loud pack
Calm down dont approach no moe
I did this on my own
Like how you aint tell yet
I used to buy yezzys on sites
But now its in site
No phyaicick revival that
I love to be alone in my home smoking big thrax
So many faces i miss match
Nobody love you like i can
Dope in her toxins out leveling mine .
Doc whats the doc say he dont understand

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