letter to my ex

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damn nigga i'm really fucked up
you got me thinking i'm out of luck
you got me all up in my feelings and that shit sucks
but it's OK because i don't really give 2 fucks
we finny see who really out of luck
i wasted a month and 12 days of my life
i could've done something better then wasting my
oh and baby i'm perfectly fine
and please don't call cause all i'ma do is decline
congrats for playing me like a fool
and that just shows you are very cruel
i was always being truthful
while you kept thinking you were So COOL
just know that in mine and other peoples eyes you are a fool
i aint go care
because you treated me unfair
damn Jason you better start facen
facen the fact that you played with my feelings
i showed you love but i guess it wasn't enough
you played some games and that's a shame
but believe me i wanted to do the same
instead i showed full loyalty
while you showed full cruelty
i have shed a lot of tears for you
but i bet you had no clue
but i want to say thx for showing me a FUCK NIGGA MOVE!!!!!!!!!!!
song : all i wanna say is fuck you fuck love fuck your words cause
i am done, done with you done with love FOSHO (fosho)

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