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valentine valentine
Baby wont you be divine
Baby wont you be divine
And come and be my valentine
Valentine valentine
Im just tryna make you mine
Baby wont you be divine
And come and be my valentine
\\verse 1//
It was simple relations
So why the fuck did i just feel devastated
Betrayal really sucks i had all my trust in you
Really made me feel like i wasnt enough for you
But life moves on
And so did we
But i know sometimes youre still thinkin of me
You just took me for granted
You took my love and you vanished
It sent me into a panic
And now my heart beatin manic
Wondering what do i do
If you dont want me
And i cant have you
Tell myself i could have better
No matter the weather
But its still ties with you
That I cant seem to sever
\\verse 2//
I numb the pain and get faded
You got me feelin so jaded
With mixed emotions of hatred
A trace of love that i wasted
And now my heart feelin vacant
Right when i thought that i made it
You took my heart just to break it
Now we goin through changes
I feel like you left me hangin
Its like you put me in danger
Now whenever i see you
All i see is a stranger

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