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Fuck all the politic
I give a fuck bout apologies
I’m at the point where like everything bother me
I’m an anomaly
I ain’t seen no one approach come as hard as me
Claim you a leader but
Can’t even follow me
I am beyond
Can’t comprehend all the niggas I spawned
Niggas like huh what the fuck is he on
But you see it nigga the damage is done
Just from the evil words spit from the
You can’t escape nigga the reign has begun
Nigga you bugged
Nigga because all my whole life I been treated like scum
Just like a corpse I had came from the mud
So just like a zombie you cannot stop me
Unless oh fill my my fucking head with them slugs
Don’t carry one but I’m thinking about it
It’s getting dangerous around the county
I got a girl a family that love me
So I swear on my life that you won’t see me plummet
Can’t go out no dummy
pit in my stomach
When I think of my brother
Swear to god I do this shit for my mother
Speaking on cloth
I’m cut from another
Niggas freeze up when it come to the tundra

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