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I'm not racist0.2
But you motherfuckers acting like you praying for changes
But you acting that you want motherfuckers to be hanging
Nah fuck it I aint got no patience
Hit list longer than a list of doctors dying patients
And you think I give a fuck about what you saying
But I dont think any race is that amazing
Pull your fucking pants up you say and stop sagging
Mercedez Benzes like you think you bragging
Well black rappers drive faster cars and they run the rap game bitch
You think I write for the fame bitch
I dont want this world to be the same bitch
You want to assume what my fucking race is?
Why dont you look me in my face bitch
And tell me that I look fucking gay,shit
You my want to betray it but you dont act the same
And say it to my face bitch
I'm not racist
But let's just face it I aint been in the same situations
Because I'm not basic
I'm not racist
But the feelings inside are soon to erupt
Cause everyone is dying and nobody gives a fuck
But I'm not changing
That's the view everyone has in America
Gun to your head now what the fuck are you afraid of
Make your mind fucking made up or switch the lane up
You motherfuckers act like I should be ashamed of my name huh
I've been acting the same ever since i was raised up
No matter the color you need to behave bruh
I'm not racist
I don't like blacks or whites yellows or any others
So stop killing our own mother fucking brothers
You act like anyone acts the fucking same to eachother
Well we should but we don't we let it depend on color
I don't respect any of you racist fuckers
I really want to know what it is
The difference if your skin is dark or like snow in this bitch
Doesn't even matter the color have some gold on your wrist
Or even write it up have some goals on your list
Driving around the hood no bullet holes in your Benz
I'm not racist
I just want to see everyone stand for the flag
But I've been on my grind just getting it man
No need to rob innocent to get all the cash
No matter the color Eminem or Pac you can go get it in rap
I'm not racist
I just want to be seen
By white girls and black guys like Martin King
But yall racist fucks killed him now he's stuck in a dream
He wasn't even ready to give his last speech
But I guess his last speech was on his knees
Praying to God for a small change at least
That doesn't even cost money how could you be so cheap
But fuck it no matter what happens no one will agree
I'm not racist
Just fighting for a change
Look me in the face call me a disgrace
To everyone im mexican but look in my veins
I don't want to be treated differently just because of my face
You stupid fucks why did you tell me this way
I'm not racist
Just making a check
So check yo ass up before you catch this tec
Or get shot in the head
Brains all on the floor covering pavement
Selling food stamps for some drug payment
You dont know if your black or white just say it
Why we so confused IDK what today is
I'm not racist
I just want to see a fucking light
I don't give a fuck about color just look me in the eyes
I dont care if you're black or if you're white
So tonight we gonna light this whole world on fire
Like some KKK lit that church on fire
But fuck it I think everyones gonna be just fine
How many diamonds do I need for you to see me shine
I'm not racist
I've just learned from who I have been
No round packin or smackin no need for racial action
I guess I've just been gassin
In a faster car bitch I'm passin
I'm not racist
I just been this way
Im just searching for change
But I dont know if ill see it in line day
No color is in my way
Fuck out of my face
If you think you won this race
I'm not racist
I just know yall need to face it
Certain situations and random cases
All the places
I've been and shit i've seen I choose to embrace it
None of this shit won't matter until judgment day bitch
Make the prison take back my dad you should have stayed bitch
Yall motherfuckers pushed me to say it
You hate it
I dont give a fuck what you say then
I'm just waiting for labels and sorts of payment
So I can make my family's worries float away, shit
I'm not racist
I just dont give a fuck
Yall know you stuck
Pickup trucks letting you over our border cause
Mexicans illegally fucking border hop
Faded yellow busses on ghetto corner stops
CNN dont care about important stuff no boring stuff
I guess we just need to Trump our feelings and put our borders up
I'm not racist

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