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I swear to Bob that i may be slippin.
Been lettin go n lettin GOD guess i maybe christian.
Back in the day the older me would choke a bitch she trippin.
Guess ageing comes wit a facade that i may be missin.
No MDO amounts to GOD make em leak by hittin.
His pussy ass n then i'll rob em of his ego gettin.
Big cuz a fulton gave em power mines a glock im grippin.
Wont hesitate to empty hours target practice sippin.
A nigga tipsy might regret it fuck it dave im nipping.
Bud now he restin in his grave fuck his life im skippin.
This bitch obituary.
BMak is gettin scary.
Crazed and deranged my impala bumpin hail mary.
Wont be no laughing my bitch psycho like dat one bitch carrie.

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