losing my bestfriend

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yeah see this is for someone that i loved and it's hard to say their resting up above
and see this for someone that i loved and its hard too say their resting up above
and see this for someone i loved and i really wish i could get that one hug i really wish i would of now
you would be gone all did was talk and i would talk little more and i would of asked you all these questions
and thoughts up in this world i would of asked you about your future and i would of told you how much you really ment to me
and now all i got is these memories on memories and this from these dreams of meeting you in person and now your gone and your wondering if i talked to god
about you and yeah i talk to him about you and i'm just asking him why the hell did he take you from me and in my heart i keep you tucked and i lost all my luck
because losing you and without you around i started doing stupid shit and i'm in pain once your away from me and this pain just is hurting away losing you just hurts and plays games with me
and i now you now that this shit got crazy and now i think i'm losing a lot more because i think i'm crazy for ya and now i'm just saying i'll see you around on the streets and i just remember that shit you where
gone and remember the good times that we had and i now i might stat to cry and i just miss you and that's no lies bro i miss you
around so now i'm writting it out and i'm just putting it on paper and putting up my fucking work

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