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you said not to cry
but here i am staring at the sky wondering why
i gotta dry my eyes tryna recognize the size of my own heart broken
unspoken prayers before i close my eyes cause there's hope
looking through the scope tryna cope with the pain
I'm numb I cannot contain the thoughts I got
looking at the mirror on the wall hoping when I die I don't fall
with nobody to call so many look up to you but I don't have a clue oops
not supposed to show struggle makes you less of a man I don't give a damn
unfinished changing the world one broken heart at a time
and i struggle to make a decent rhyme in committing crime already did the time
I'm not proud you showed me that actions are loud you always made a different sound
and some of these other artists clownin around and I drowned in my tears
again might just put down the pen and say amen and tell the weathermen
its gonna rain again in my brain got alotta pain I'm going insane
XXX heaven sent you represent good energy 100 percent
didn't care about starting a trend wondering when the pain would end
it's ok now your in the sky you were a great guy tell me why did you have to leave why

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