The song of healing (English)

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mezame sasou uta o
Sing a song, a cure for sorrow
hito wa kokoro de kurikaesu
The meaning hidden deep within, echoes without cease
hikari kie ta sora ni, ai o tomosu yo ni
Belief in the dreams that I have yet to see, the sky shows life ahead and a
light on me
inori sasage te mo
Offering, a hopeful appeal
hito wa ayamachi kurikaesu
For all error, or fault, or wrong, learn from all you do.
da kara yurushiaeru
With this song, the ties that bind will mend.
nan do mo umare te yume o mi te
The dream repeated on and on and trapped, you now finished.
owari naki tabi no naka de
Eternal Journey, draws closer to an end
dare mo mina sagashi teru
Knowing everyone will seek the same truth
kono inochi no imi o
The meaning hidden deeply comes to you
sekai wa yasashi fune
Along the way, the world became a home
yura te yurare nagara
Through the strain I share this aria.
subete tsutsumikon de
Elated, my voice carries on
dakishimeru arinomama o
Enveloping all even against all the odds.
sekai wa kibo no fune
Now on my way, the world out there to see
yure te yurare nagara
Through the strain I share this aria.
hito no kanashimi o
Grief aside and armed with wisdom
nose te itsu ka, asa o yobu
Call out the sunrise as life continues on

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