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Under Christmas tree i have nothin but the gun
I have lethal toys that make fake motherfakas run
Shot em to half life never finished them for fun
I have lethal toys that make ur mafakas cum
Unda Christmas tree i have nuthin but the gun
Rarara shats shats shats poo poo blam
many many years Since icecreamcheek is gone
But the music n illusions never let to feel me alone
All the anger all the danger never let to feel me alone
I started my life in disgusting place so i ready to reborn
Smartass hittas never die cuz they are shootin first
First i gonna freddie dredd but now i gonna freddie durst
Nosferatu gonna rollin ghost rider really curst (окаянный)
I spend youth in freezy hell so my life is really verst(наихудшее)
Choked nicca has blue face fakeass hitta with no taste
U got shot in stupid head u get shot in fatty waist
U can call me lil b cuz my soul is really based
U can cal me real g cuz my mind is really blazed
Strawberry vanilla damage done with dat stick
Rara rara eat n shot i call my glock banana split
Yes i got bad bars chocolate bad bars
If i go behind the bars i will cut me with the glass

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